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Comfortable Real-estate Discovery Entertainment

This is an app to find a suitable and livable property for you!


Why was Floorish created?

Did you know that some properties have floor plans that look comfortable but can be very stressful to live in?

Vacuuming while dodging all kinds of things

Carrying the laundry...


Everyday activities can be stressful!


I created Floorish App to help you find a comfortable floor plan that suits you.

What can Floorish do for me?

It is difficult to imagine how livable a house actually is, even after looking at the floor plan and viewing the inside of the house.

Therefore, Floorish will help you find a comfortable place to live by simulating the burden of moving around the house according to your lifestyle.

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How does Floorish work?

It is very easy to use

When you find a property you like on your favorite real estate website, share the floor plan with Floorish App.

Then all you have to do is to click "Evaluate" on the floor plan.
(This system is patented.)

The iPhone app will be released in Japan in June 2022. 

Please wait a bit for the global version to be released.

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